Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh hey....just reupholstered a chair, nbd

Here's the story of how two roommates, three different colors of spray paint, and a heck of a lot of staples saved two ugly chairs from doom.
Our story first starts off with the aforementioned two small, dark wood chairs that we found at a garage sale for about $4 each. We've used them in our room for the past year but they never really were anything special. So we decided to get crazy and make them spectacular. (sorry, no before pictures)
First things first, we spray painted them Krylon's "Bright Idea":
But, too light! Plus, the bottle hardly covered one chair (someone had totally messed with it and returned it used or something). So we took it back and got "Sun Yellow":

So we used this but it didn't fully cover both chairs :/ Another trip to the hardware store! But we couldn't find the same color! Yikes, right?? But, huzzah, we found a different color and it was the perfect color!
Here's one of the chairs all painted with the amazing yellow!

Now, get this. We left them outside to dry off for a couple of days....and one of them got stolen!! Yesss, stolen! Needless to say, we were not very happy. We decided we would deal with it after we finished the chair we had left. But wait, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Mary and I were on a walk around our neighborhood when all of a sudden Mary quickly turns around and says "No way, our chair!" We found our missing little chair! We figured some drunk college people on a Friday night had decided that they wanted it for their room and took it, but after carrying it for a block they decided it wasn't worth it. Haaha, their loss!
We continued on with our project. We decided to use this fabric as seat covers.
Isn't it a beauty? Plus, we (especially Mary) just might have an obsession with all things nautical. While the first chair was pretty easy to upholster because it still had the padding for the seat, the other chair was missing it and so we had to get crafty. Here's the seat that already had padding.
Taking a page from those clever Petersiks at YHL, we created a seat out of cardboard and some batting we already had on hand for my headboard (hopefully coming soon...).

We added our own little message to the cardboard that was to become our seat! We gave it our own little personal touch!

And, drumroll please.......
Ta da!

Look at these beauties! Aren't they wonderful? We're so proud of them. (Seriously, we're super proud. We carried them around the house to show everyone.)

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