Friday, September 30, 2011

We're suffering, so we're gonna make you suffer too...

...that is, by wading through another "crap our house looks firebombed" post. It is so consuming, invasive, and &^%*ing frustrating, this construction, that it overwhelms anything else that might possibly make the news. So let's address the newest lows of the week:

Coffee in the living room. No, I'm not kidding. Although, I must say, even in such an incongruous setting Highlander Grogg is a lovely smell up to which to wake:

Side note: I couldn't help myself. Using a word as marvelous as "incongruous" just brings out the grammar nazi in me. Although in certain situations, I agree with Churchill and feel "this is the kind of arrant pedantry up with which I shall not put."

Oh, and hello gentlemen! Top o' the mornin' to ya!
second floor kitchen, sans windows 
(so yes, "top" o' the mornin' is quite appropriate, thank you very much)

Romans 12:12 " Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Lauren!

Ok, so maybe we're a day late....but that doesn't mean we can't still express how much of a precious life Lauren is!!
Lauren is so special, we spray painted our "siding-less" house for the whole world to see!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, LAUREN! (even though we may now start calling you Mom (or maybe Grandma in Laura's case) we still think you're a young, full of life girl)

1 Thessalonians 3:12 "May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for YOU."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Do you live in the house that had a fire?"

It has been non-stop pounding and and loud noises here. We all looooove waking up to the sound of electric saws at 7am in the morning ;)
But, progress is happening!! After avoiding the house all day by going to class and studying in libraries/coffee shops we came home today and saw this...
Yep, that's right! We can use our front door again!! And look at the new front porch. Pretty snazzy! It's a lot bigger than before, so we're pretty excited for it!
Oh, and if you didn't notice....

Big black house numbers spray painted onto the house! (with the arrow, of course)
Some more pictures of our stripped down house.
No joke, real story! Today Laura was telling someone where she lived and they said "Do you live in the house that had a fire?" Yeah, our house is that much of an eye-sore. :(
Slowly, but surely, it's coming together. We still don't know what color the siding will will be a surprise (hopefully a pleasant one).
Hopefully no more power outages and turned-off water! (We had a little bit of a freak out session when this happened!)

Titus 3:5 "He save us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and RENEWAL by the Holy Spirit"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome home...?

This is what our poor house looks like right now:

That's our front entryway. We currently have to squirrel under the scaffolding on the back porch to get into the house. Fun. NOT.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh hey....just reupholstered a chair, nbd

Here's the story of how two roommates, three different colors of spray paint, and a heck of a lot of staples saved two ugly chairs from doom.
Our story first starts off with the aforementioned two small, dark wood chairs that we found at a garage sale for about $4 each. We've used them in our room for the past year but they never really were anything special. So we decided to get crazy and make them spectacular. (sorry, no before pictures)
First things first, we spray painted them Krylon's "Bright Idea":
But, too light! Plus, the bottle hardly covered one chair (someone had totally messed with it and returned it used or something). So we took it back and got "Sun Yellow":

So we used this but it didn't fully cover both chairs :/ Another trip to the hardware store! But we couldn't find the same color! Yikes, right?? But, huzzah, we found a different color and it was the perfect color!
Here's one of the chairs all painted with the amazing yellow!

Now, get this. We left them outside to dry off for a couple of days....and one of them got stolen!! Yesss, stolen! Needless to say, we were not very happy. We decided we would deal with it after we finished the chair we had left. But wait, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Mary and I were on a walk around our neighborhood when all of a sudden Mary quickly turns around and says "No way, our chair!" We found our missing little chair! We figured some drunk college people on a Friday night had decided that they wanted it for their room and took it, but after carrying it for a block they decided it wasn't worth it. Haaha, their loss!
We continued on with our project. We decided to use this fabric as seat covers.
Isn't it a beauty? Plus, we (especially Mary) just might have an obsession with all things nautical. While the first chair was pretty easy to upholster because it still had the padding for the seat, the other chair was missing it and so we had to get crafty. Here's the seat that already had padding.
Taking a page from those clever Petersiks at YHL, we created a seat out of cardboard and some batting we already had on hand for my headboard (hopefully coming soon...).

We added our own little message to the cardboard that was to become our seat! We gave it our own little personal touch!

And, drumroll please.......
Ta da!

Look at these beauties! Aren't they wonderful? We're so proud of them. (Seriously, we're super proud. We carried them around the house to show everyone.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Birthday Time!

Happy birthday to DARLING Cecily Ann, aka Blind Gracious Little White Horse. You're finally 21!! 

And Ryan, because there are, like, no pictures of the Cec-monster without him. :)


I've been chomping at the bit to write this very special post. And since I should be doing laundry, I decided that now would be the perfect time to write it!

This house has been fun from the start. And by fun I mean spectacularly disaster-prone. We started out with a little mouse infestation. Day 1 of our house make-over, we met Mouse 1. Our immediate response was to jump on top of whatever was closest. In my case, it was the one-cm-thick trim in the stairwell. Not my proudest moment, nor my most brilliant...

Yea, ouch. Good thing Becky was along with her adorable rainboots that I want to steal which I love! She checked out the situation and made sure we were clear to come down (all while showing off her muscles and nice tan):

Of course, that was just the first of it. Mice 1, 2, and 3 died nameless, as they were all caught and taken care of by our landlord (thanks Eric!). For a while, one of these was a help:


HOWEVER, you need to put something on top of these traps, because those suckers are clever! We had mice eat their way out of THREE of them before I wised up and set something heavy on top of it (literally, they ate their way out the trap by cutting the spring on top with their teeth. Grody.). And then it worked like a charm!

Needless to say (then why say it, right? What a bizarre phrase...), that was just the beginning of our mouse adventure. Here was another attempt:

Fail. It turns out the majority of the micies we heard? Were babies. Sad sad sad. And they were too light to set off these traps. But since we didn't want rabies or TB or smallpox or mad cow disease, they had to go.

Here's another attempt (set up by Katie) to catch our first named mouse, Tostito. Tostito was discovered eating some of Katie's - you guessed it - Tostitos. This set up didn't work. :(

Boo. Tostito II, Tostito III, The Counter Bandit, Sugar Daddy, Out-Cold, Vasiliev, Blood, Tail-less, and the babies were finally caught with poison (sad) and sticky traps (saddest). In addition, we had lots of fun with ants (baby powder borders around doors and windows worked like a charm), fruit flies, and a BEASTLY cockroach:

Onward! While Cec and Sarah were painting their room (now my and Becky's room), they were having way too much fun to notice a bit of a leak in their red paint. And all we had in the house was water, paper towels, and Windex.

We didn't get a picture...but that's basically what it looked like.
But slap my as...butt and call me Sally, the Windex worked! We probably went through 4 or 5 bottles of it during the duration of our painting escapades- because that stuff is magical. So, to our hero:
It also worked beautifully when we realize one of the cans of paint we had sitting in our hallway upstairs (one of probably 11 cans we had while we were in the middle of reno) had rusted out and leaked probably half a gallon of paint in our hallway. We can thank the sweet baby Jesus that it was white paint, because that stuff was probably there for a week. Whoops. (But we cleaned it so well that you probably couldn't find it if you tried!)

By the way, it's all fun and games until someone gets electrocuted:

It's alive! It's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!
(No roommates were harmed in the creation of this post)

But I digress. This certainly wasn't a disaster for any of us, but some poor, poor turkey:


We also had some great fun with a snow day this past February. What was a disaster for the City of Madison was a free-for-all for the Students of Madison. A selection of photos, including three foot drifts and four hours of snow-clearing labor (keep in mind we have no more than 30 feet of sidewalk and a teensy driveway...):

Oh, darling Cec, how we do love thee.

Becky taking care of icicles with a broomstick.


I guess this might not qualify as a disaster, because I think disasters must be uncommon by definition. This happens ALL. THE. TIME. at our house:

What, you don't like moldy cream cheese on your morning bagel?
And lastly, here's a shot of what Nicole and I call "Tornado Madness 2011" when the storm decided to join us inside the house:

See that ceiling tile on the right? Yeah, that was only three weeks (or so) old, because we had just replaced it. Why did we replace it, you ask? It involved a (full) leaking toilet that sits directly on top of front of our entryway that was really, really angry. It was ugly. Let's just say there was a lot of bleach involved.

That's all I can think of right now. Rest assured, there'll be more to follow...