Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Animal House

Animals are in the house! Countdown to the best/weirdest/awesomest:

8. Moose. I don't think he even has a name...

7. Stroby, the pine cone:
brought back from the Grand Canyon by Laura, Quinn, Nicole, & Melissa (ok, and Patrick), Spring Break '11 (and I understand it's not really an animal, it's more of a mascot, but in Spanish pet and mascot both translate to the same thing - mascota - so there.)

6. A collection of stuffed animals (as for to whom they belong... not telling):

 so, I think we like blue bedding? 
5. Cecily's angry bird:
4. Cecily's fantastic animal art:

bird obsession (QUINN HELPED TOO!)
3. Claire's miracle cat, Nacho: 

(we love Nacho)
2.  Odette:
She was an ugly, bronze white elephant gift at Christmastime last year. One (or two, or three...) coat of spray paint later and - bam! - she's a swan princess.

Laura's take-the-cake white elephant gift last year. A taxidermied toad turned into a coin purse. This actually was once living, seriously. And it's seriously creepy...
Extra Credit:
Otto, Presley, and Hobbes! But we only have pictures from the last one:

One of three dogs who have visited the house...and the only puppy. DARLING.

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