Monday, October 24, 2011

"We didn't start the fire!'

On the night of Sunday October 23rd, Melissa and I (Cecily) decided to melt butter for popcorn in the microwave.

Place butter in microwave

Enter 30 seconds and "start"

"Hmmm that's making an interesting noise"

 Cowering in fear

 Running to safety

Jumping up and down screaming in Melissa's room

 Ventured back into kitchen to discover an out of control blazing fire in the microwave

"What's the ruckus? I'm trying to study!"

"I'm trying to sit indian style but am distracted by the screaming"

Melissa and I screamed for Mary's help.

"Get some water, NOW!"

After Mary extinguished the flame she epically slammed the door shut ....

... and opened the window to dilute the electric-burning stench. 

The damaged radiation coils ... and our not so melted popcorn butter.

Finally after having to walk all the way downstairs to use the microwave, we enjoyed some delicious homemade popcorn. 


  1. Hahahahahaha, Cec, this is great!

  2. You should publish this as a safety book for children.